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We offer training plans for you to improve your
external and internal communications.

  • Personal brand and public speaking training
  • Social Media Strategy Courses

We design your plan
according to your needs

Personal brand and public speaking training

Words come first

  • Personal brand
  • Developing a personal brand plan
  • Identifying potentialities and weaknesses to be overcome
  • Job interview and CV preparation
  • Improving labor and professional relations
  • Motivation
  • Public speaking training
  • Public speaking techniques: relax, concentrate and be yourself
  • Voice projection techniques and stage presence
  • Techniques for communicating more effectively and persuasively
  • Identification of what the media needs from a public speaker
  • Conquering stage freight. Positive stress!
  • Physical and mental state improvement
“Communication is action and action is communication”
Joan Costa
“Don’t raise your voice, offer better arguments”
Desmond Tutu